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Designing for Social Impact

June 15, 2021

Bringing together some of the key insights from our popular social innovation program -The Good People, this free online workshop will help you apply design and innovation skills to the world of social impact.

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SkillGym is a community of innovators, designers, and entrepreneurs passionate about exploring the future of work and the skills needed for the modern age.

Each Meetup we'll explore a new skill, tool or mindset in an experiential, hands-on format; more like a workout than a workshop. These are free, casual events for anyone interested in keeping themselves future fit!

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Our Meetups collaborate with amazing experts in really interesting topics - best of all, it is an opportunity to meet other like-minded innovators!

Challenging your Design Assumptions

March 3, 2021

Learn to set aside your assumptions and take a humble approach to design.

Trendspotting for Innovation

February 2, 2021

Explore the power of futures thinking to help you understanding the driving forces that will shape the years ahead.

Lean Planning with LEGO

November 26, 2020

We'll be joined by special guest Joel Birch, Founder of The Very Serious Business Co to learn all about a facilitation method that gets people thinking with their hands and explaining what they've built in order to unlock creativity and innovation!

How to Talk about Social Innovation

October 21, 2020

Explore the ways language and framing can impact social change efforts, and share some expert advice for social innovators about how to stay on message and make your messaging and metaphors work for you.

Rapid Design Research Methods

October 7, 2020

Conducting research to understand the data and context around your challenge is a crucial part of any design process. But too often, research can become a blocker to progress.

Designing for Surprise and Delight

September 16, 2020

The best customer journeys also include powerful and memorable moments: moments where you go above and beyond to surprise and delight your customers!

Creative Ideation through Constraints

September 2, 2020

Explore the power of constraints to unlock more creative and more impactful ideas.

Finding Leverage in Systems

August 12, 2020

We explore how systems thinking can help innovators to find the leverage points in systems where the applying the least resources and effort can lead to the biggest impact.

Introduction to Learning Design

July 29, 2020

Through a range of leading frameworks and hands-on activities, you'll discover how to carefully craft learning experiences that produce tangible outputs and powerful outcomes for your participants.

How to Conduct Rich Customer Interviews

July 15, 2020

Empathising with your customers or clients is key to making sure that you understand the core of the problem at hand, and that your solution works for the people who actually have to use it.

Adapting to Blended Working

June 17, 2020

Blended working (just like blended learning) involves a combination of the in-person and the virtual.

User Empathy in Uncertainty

April 22, 2020

Over the coming months, we'll be bringing you 90-minute online workouts to keep your innovation skills sharp as we create the future of work together.

SOMA helped me unlock new ways of working.

"This workshop was an excellent introduction to customer-centered design thinking for our staff. The perfect balance of theory and practice, leaving participants energised to immediately dive into customer experience mapping and service blueprinting within their teams. Sincere thanks for a fun and very productive morning!"

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