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Service and Experience Design

Surprise and delight your customers by designing deliberate service experiences and identifying pain points and opportunities.

Facilitated by
Matt Norman
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Whats covered in this Skillgym?

Design deliberate services with impact.

This bootcamp will provide you with an understanding of how to apply service design to improve the outcomes of your customer journeys. We’ll cover the tips and tricks to creating meaningful service blueprints as well as provide a structured approach to identifying pain points and opportunities within your service experiences.

We'll touch on understanding the power of experience design, including harnessing front stage and backstage interactions, harnessing moments, and introducing surprise and delight into your journeys.

This bootcamp is perfect for both novice service designers and experience practitioners looking to hone their skills.

🔎 Why is this important?

Every interaction is an opportunity to exceed the expectations of your customer. Service design is a structured approach to ensuring every touchpoint in your customer's experience is not only meeting their needs, but building engagement and loyalty too.

🙋🏽 Who is this for?

This workshop is for product managers, marketers, designers, founders and UX specialists - it is intended as an up skilling exercise for those currently or about to undertake customer research and want to take their skills to the next level.

💌 Understanding your customers

Learning how to put yourself in the shoes of your customers as they experience your product or solution gives you valuable insights into what’s working and where there are opportunities to improve.

✌🏽Service blueprints

Use service design blueprinting to map out the entire customer experience, along with all the front- and backstage actions that make it possible.

🙇🏽 Surprise and delight

Identify critical pain points, existing strengths of your service, and opportunities to improve your customers’ experience by crafting moments of surprise and delight.

The runsheet.

🔩 The experience essentials

Understand the core concepts of service and experience design, from a customer-centric mindset to the power of moments.

🔎 Mapping it out

In a facilitated process with guidance, create a service design blueprint that captures your customer’s journey as they experience your solution.

👤 What’s behind the scenes?

Go beyond the customer journey to map out all of the front-stage and backstage processes that go along with your solution.

🌹 Roses, buds, and thorns

Identify your customers’ key pain points to be addressed, moments of joy to be replicated, and opportunities to transform routine into delight.

Skills, Tools and Mindsets.

Our learning style is fast-paced, hands-on and immersive. You'll be applying new skills and mindsets as you learn them, and you'll walk away with a bundle of new tools to use in your work.

🏃🏽 Skills

  • Understanding front-stage and back-stage service processes.
  • Mapping a customer journey through a Service Blueprint.
  • Identifying potential improvements in a service experience.

🔨 Tools

  • An intuitive service design blueprinting tool.
  • The rose-bud-thorn framework for identifying pain points and opportunities.
  • How gamification theory can apply to service experiences.

🙇🏽 Mindsets

  • Service-led design that places value on your user’s experience
  • Making room for moments of surprise and delight
  • Creating deliberate service experiences

By the end of the bootcamp you will have the right skills, tools and mindsets to bring Service and Experience Design into your organisation.

A truly immersive hands-on workshop with invaluable insights and take home learnings. The coffee's pretty good too!


Design Manager

A great workshop, fully loaded with inspiration for real-world application of innovation principles


SME Director

A hugely impactful practical workshop that my staff were able to put immediately into practice. Facilitation is top notch, fast paced and accessible. SOMA are the leaders in their field.

Roy Barnett

General Manager Services

A powerful and practical way to improve the customer experience. A must-do for anyone who values good service and the impact it can have on your business.

Dave Roberts

Content Specialist

Awesome workshop. Practical, fun, informative and best of all we worked on an existing challenge and took away some ideas to implement. Thanks Matt 😉

Ro Gorell

Change Coach

Great workshop for service design. I great intro to service design. I now have and extra weapon in my arsenal at the workplace.


Senior Product Designer

I met a great group of people and learnt new skills. I didn’t check the time once, always a good sign of how engaged you are!

Sam hall

MD Spaces Alive

It was so good that I lost track of the time. A very engaging and practical workshop - I'm so glad that I decided to attend! Thank you for all the resources.

Brooke Jones

Regional Coordinator

Loved the practical nature of the course and that we have specific actions to take away.

Charlotte Mawle

Director, Change Optimised

Thanks Soma. The Service Experience Design course has given me many ideas and tools to experiment with and apply to my business.

Carl Maiorana

Fintech Entrepreneur

The practical bootcamp style has given me the confidence to reach for this crucial new tool when I next need it. But most of all, I had a blast learning with Nate & SoMA :D

Michelle Kay Bell

CX Designer

The SOMA workshops offer theory, insights, practical tools and exercises to apply the learnings. The Service Delivery workshop especially spoke to my immediate needs. I highly recommend this to any HR professional wanting to apply contemporary HCD principles to the services they offer.

Prina Shah

Manager, Coach and Consultant for Change Makers

Would highly recommend this workshop - they have really got the mix of theory and practical right!

Mardi Dallow

Senior Project Officer - User Experience

We're proud to have worked with some amazing organisations

SōMA helped our team unlock new ways of working.

"The content was awesome and I really felt inspired to take the first step - also Matt was a great facilitator and kept everyone motivated throughout the course - LOVED IT!"-

University Program Lead
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