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Facilitating Innovation

This bootcamp will combine theory with hands-on practice and real-time feedback to boost your skills as a facilitator of innovation.

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Matt Norman
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Whats covered in this Skillgym?

The art and science of facilitation.

Whether you're an innovation coach, internal innovator or transformation leader, your ability to facilitate diverse teams through a structured process is critical to the success of changes you are driving.

A great facilitator is able to define a clear intention for a process, guide people through the process of solving problems together, and redirect people when they notice things getting off track. It’s not about giving your participants all the answers - it’s about creating an environment where they feel empowered to figure it out for themselves.

This bootcamp will combine theory with hands-on practice and real-time feedback to boost your skills as a facilitator of innovation, no matter the context.

Our learning style is fast-paced, hands-on and immersive. You'll be applying new skills and mindsets throughout the bootcamp, and you'll walk away with a set of new tools to use in your facilitation work.

🔎 Why is this important?

Facilitation is no longer just the realm of ODs or trainers. It is critical skill for any leader or internal change maker looking to influence and have impact. Effective facilitation is consistently rated as one of the most in-demand skills in the modern workplace.

🙋🏽 Who is this for?

This bootcamp is for leaders, coaches and facilitators who regularly guide groups of people through a structured process. Whether you're a seasoned facilitator, or just starting out, Facilitating Innovation will have something to grow your skills and for you to take away.

"The fastest way to get confident facilitating."

-Hai Binh, Project Officer

You'll take a hands-on approach to develop your facilitation skills and explore the core concepts behind becoming a great facilitator.

By the end of the bootcamp you will have the skills, tools and mindsets to drive innovation in your organisation.

💌 Designing impactful experiences.

Leverage our unique approach to creating effective workshops and innovative experiences for your teams, from setting clear intentions and success measures from the beginning, through to reflecting and embedding your learnings.

✌🏽Creating a facilitation toolkit.

Leverage best practice and develop a customised toolkit for facilitation tools that you can use in your organisation, including running problem discovery sessions, design thinking experiences and Design Sprints.

🙋🏽 How to facilitate with confidence.

Discover the art and science of facilitation and learn how to navigate the conflict and complexity when working with diverse groups.

The runsheet.

🔎 The role of the facilitator.

Explore the role of the facilitator, and the importance of creative leadership and confidence in facilitation.

💡 Group dynamics and facilitation psychology.

Understand how to manage, control and guide complex situations and diverse groups using leading facilitation psychology.

🙆🏽 Human-centred facilitation

Develop the right skills and tools for ensuring your facilitation experiences are created with the participant in mind.

🚀 The Experience Design Toolkit.

Explore our unique Experience Design Toolkit, and how to use it rapidly develop and prototype impactful facilitated experiences.

Skills, Tools and Mindsets.

Our learning style is fast-paced, hands-on and immersive. You'll be applying new skills and mindsets as you learn them, and you'll walk away with a bundle of new tools to use in your work.

🏃🏽 Skills

  • How to design meaningful, human-centred experiences that result in real impact.
  • Managing complex situations and guiding challenging groups.
  • Facilitation interventions and when and how to use them.

🔨 Tools

  • A new Experience Design toolkit for creating impactful facilitation experiences.
  • A suite of new innovation and design activities to include in the design of your facilitated experiences.
  • Digital tools for managing cohorts and facilitation content.

🙇🏽 Mindsets

  • Using a human-centred approach to experience design and facilitation.
  • How to leverage co-design and a feedback loop for continuous experience improvement.
  • Creative confidence and leadership mindsets in facilitation.

As Matt is fond of doing, in one word - 'Attend!'. SOMA workshops are insightful, and practical, and the team are generous with their time. You can generally apply the thinking during the sessions on your own work-in-progress so the time is well spent. Thanks again SOMA!


Principal Consultant

Great, unique training tailored to what I do in my role as Innovation Consultant. I am expected to facilitate design thinking sessions and whilst I have learned about design thinking methodology I was struggling to deliver it in a Workshop environment. This course was what I needed to complete the loop.

Catherine Muraszko

Innovation Consultant

I found the session to be very practical. I'll definitely be able to use all the tools I've learnt in my day-to-day work.


Senior Consultant

Matt and Nate bring an awesome day, full of energy and good vibe. The quality of the content will be super usefull. Venue was great too.


Member experience coordinator

Matt was an excellent facilitator and the content was easy to understand. The day was structured well with plenty of time to reflect on how to translate these new skills back into my workplace. Highly recommend not just for those working in innovation but anyone who facilitates workshops.

Jo Dixon

Executive Manager Business Transformation

SoMA have some great resources to help with understanding design and facilitation concepts. Matt ran the workshop really well and made sure there was plenty of time for discussion and reflection. Definitely leading by example when it comes to facilitation!

Nikki Drury

Fresh Approach Co-Designer

The 90 minute dash packs a punch! A great learning, team building and personal development experience that equips you with tools to help confidently prepare and facilitate workshops.

Caroline Elliott

Program Manager

The fastest way to get confident facilitating

Hai Binh Lam

Project Officer

This workshop has really broad appeal, being useful for people new to design thinking but also for people who work in that space already but maybe needed a refresher


Head of Delivery

We're proud to have worked with some amazing organisations

SōMA helped our team unlock new ways of working.

"The content was awesome and I really felt inspired to take the first step - also Matt was a great facilitator and kept everyone motivated throughout the course - LOVED IT!"-

University Program Lead
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