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for social impact.

Rapidly upskill in the leading social impact frameworks, tools and ideas.

The Good People is an online course for innovators looking to do good in the world. By building your skills in design and innovation, you can learn to better understand complex socials issues and to collaborate with others to make progress on problems that matter.

In this interactive online course, you’ll explore the key skills, tools and mindsets required to make change that matters. Each of five tightly-packed modules features high quality videos, real-world tasks and activities, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

You’ll walk away with a better understanding of yourself as a changemaker, and a new set of skills for social innovation.

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“The content was awesome and I really felt inspired to take the first step - also Matt was a great facilitator and kept everyone motivated throughout the course - LOVED IT!

Felipe, Program Lead

“I had the best experience with the Good People - strongly recommend this program, very insightful and well designed, the content and platform are amazing!”

Julia, HR Administrator

“A well-facilitated program with solid content and thought-provoking tasks. I’m inspired to be a changemaker!”

Kristy, Brand & Marketing Freelancer

“This workshop brought together a diverse and energetic range of people and challenged us to explore wicked problems in an intensive and engaging environment. Stimulating conversations and connections that will endure.”

Lucy, Training Specialist

“11/10 content, highly recommend for anyone looking for a career change or wanting to change the world.”

Jasmin, Program Manager

“The Good People is a dynamic, rich and well-focused program that will open your eyes to systems-level thinking, your ears to the voices of people with shared courage and vision to make change.

Laura, Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

upskill THROUGH
5 interactive MODULES

Over 15 hours
of cutting edge content.

35 resources,
readings and tools.

12 interactive activities
to apply the learnings.

  • Module 1

    Welcome to The Good People

    In this introductory module, we’ll introduce some key social innovation and changemaking frameworks, and start to explore the skills, tools and mindsets you bring to the world of social impact.

  • Module 2

    Understanding Wicked Problems

    In this module, you’ll learn techniques for rapid research and empathy to gain a deeper understanding of how people really experience the wicked problems that we're trying to tackle as changemakers.

  • Module 3

    Changing Systems

    In this module, we’ll introduce you to systems thinking, and invite you to map the deeper system of structures, stakeholders and feedback that holds a wicked problem in place.

  • Module 4

    Making Progress

    In this module, we'll address some of the myths around how social change happens, and introduce you to a range of strategies changemakers can employ to make progress on issues that matter.

  • Module 5

    An Impactful Life

    In this module you'll reflect on your key insights from the program, and be invited to think about how you can apply the design methodology to your own career in order to craft yourself a life with greater impact.

Get a sneak preview of what's instore...

You will walk away with a practical set of new skills, tools and mindsets to tackle wicked social problems.

Design Thinking
Discovering and defining a problem first, then experimenting to learn what works.
Theories of change
Understanding the various levers that can be pulled to make change on a given social issue.
Power & privilege in design
Understanding how you bring your identity into your work, and the power you hold as a designer.
Design research
Rapidly gaining insight into a challenge through engaging with data and context.
Developing a bias towards action and learning by making ideas real and seeking feedback.
Inviting the people experiencing the problem on the ground into the design process.
If we can define a problem differently, we can make a new set of solutions possible.
Systems thinking
Seeing individual problems as part of broader structures and systems.
Design for careers
Applying the design process to your own career to discover how you can increase your impact.


3 reasons this will be the best education in your future...

  • Learn the key skills, mindsets and frameworks of modern changemakers

  • Build your toolkit of practical, applicable social innovation resources

  • Kickstart the next stage of your career in social impact

Meet your facilitator...

Matt Norman is a designer and facilitator driven to make a positive social impact. He has over 7 years of experience running workshops in the corporate, government, non-profit and education worlds, as well as supporting the work of activists and community builders at a local level. A lifelong learner with a collection of degrees and a whole lot of training under his belt, Matt’s passion is creating systems and experiences that bring out the best in people.

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