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Join the design movement in a 2-day, immersive learning experience covering all things design thinking, service design, and experience design.

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Matt Norman
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May 5, 2021
9:30 am
9:30 am
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2 days
Claisebrook Design Community 25 Gladstone St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Via Zoom
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Whats covered in this Skillgym?

Design Jam with a side of impact.

We don't believe in normal or boring. We believe learning happens best when you're surrounded by interesting people and applying the learning in a meaningful way.

Over your 2-day Design Jam journey, you'll apply the design concepts and tools we explore to a real-life business problem for local a social enterprise or not-for-profit.

This Design Jam we're thrilled to be able to share our three brilliant for-purpose partners who are all innovating to strengthen local communities.

Design Jam Design Bootcamp partners

At the end of Design Jam, you'll get to pitch back your ideas, prototypes and validation - and your idea might even get picked up for implementation!

Each day runs 9:30am - 4:00pm, with breaks to enjoy some delicious and healthy morning tea ☕️  lunch🍴 and afternoon tea 🍰.

Our Secret Recipe.

Over 2-days, we'll cover the entire design process, exploring tactics, tools and techniques that you can bring back into your organisation.

Day 1

💡 Design foundations

Understand the design thinking process, it's origins and explore case studies on how design thinking has impacted organisations world-wide.

🔎 Defining a Design challenge

Identify what you're solving for by developing user point of view statements and a defining a structured design challenge question.

💗 The importance of empathy

Explore the importance of empathy in solution design and develop an empathy toolkit that can be used to identify user needs and core jobs-to-be-done.

🚀 Rapid research

How to select and implement rapid research approaches that will uncover meaningful insights that inform your product design requirements.

Day 2

🎨  Building viable & loveable prototypes

Explore the techniques used to build a viable prototype, including lo-fi models, such as paper prototypes, as well as complex digital solutions.

🏃🏽 Running test-and-learn experiments

How to develop a lean prototyping plan and run structured, iterative test-and-learn experiments to test core assumptions with your users.

🔧 The service experience

Understand the core principles of service design, how to develop a Service Blueprint and learn how it fits into a wider design toolkit.

💌  Storytelling and sharing

The mindsets required to be a design leader, and how to effectively share the design story with stakeholders or clients back in your organisation.

Design Jam covers the core techniques, tools and frameworks to help you bring effective and innovative design into your organisation.

💡Design Thinking

Design thinking, or human-centred design (HCD), is a creative problem solving approach. It's a process that starts with the people you're designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs.

💌 Service Design

Service Design (SD) focusses on ensuring a service deliberately meets the needs and goals of its users. At its best, it has the ability to take a mundane or routine experience and surprise, delight and make the experience truly meaningful.

🙇🏽 Experience Design

Experience design (XD) is the practice of purposefully designing products, processes, services and environments with a customer-centric focus on the quality of the user experience and context-relevant solutions.

A spread of useful tools.

You'll not only walk away with a new mindset, but a toolkit bursting with new techniques to try out, too.

🏃🏽 Lean planning

Canvasses to articulate ideas and quickly plan for tests or experiments.

🔧 Prototype techniques

Tools and technique to rapidly create meaningful digital and service-based prototypes.

🙋🏽 Proto-persona

Capturing the needs of your archetypal users or stakeholders through the creation of proto-personas.

🌟 Research guides

Approaches and tools to help plan and run great user interviews and surveys.

⚡️ Divergent ideation

Design based approaches to identify and prioritise solutions to a design challenge.

👀  Case studies

Example of how leading organisations have used design to develop impactful, customer-centric solutions.

✌🏽 Service blueprints

Using system thinking to go beyond customer journey maps and develop holistic service experiences.

♻️  Experiment tools

Techniques and tools to design, plan, execute and track effective solution experiments.

Design matters.

Design-led companies had 32% more revenue and 56% higher total returns to shareholders compared with other companies.

After analysing 300 public companies over a 5-year period, McKinsey & Co found that those with the strongest commitment to design drastically out achieved their competitors. Read the article.

A fantastic learning experience - interactive, fun and thought-provoking. I walked away from the 2-day Design Jam Bootcamp with a bag full of tools and I can't wait to start using with my team.


50 Live 50 Homes Project Coordinator

Absolutely loved the learning experience and Matt's presentation was excellent. Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks!!

Carolyn Atkinson

Recordkeeping Consultant

Design Jam course was one of the best courses I have ever done. Nate is a energising facilitator and I loved being able to use my new skills for a real life problem.

Kate Kennedy

Head of Member Experience

Design Thinking was not a new concept to me, but as a new Innovation Consultant SOMA's workshop allowed me to delve deeper into the 5 parts of Design Thinking to provide me with a better understanding of the journey, and highlighted the importance of each step in achieving a successful outcome. It also highlighted how crucial the iteration and pivoting steps are. Although challenging and fast paced at times, the atmosphere was friendly and casual and I was able to make some great connections with other Innovators. I would definitely recommend.

Catherine Muraszko

Innovation Consultant

Facilitators were genuine and authentic, was engaging for the entire two day workshop, was great having real projects to work on and meeting people from those not for profits. I feel like I've learnt frameworks and processes to apply to both my work and personal life :)

De Hallam

Data Strategist

It was an informative, dynamic, collaborative, and fun experience and I've come away from it with a greater appreciation for design thinking as a creative problem-solving approach. I also appreciate the importance of being empathetic (of the challenges/experiences/needs of customers) and being fearless in the face of failure. I’m looking forward to exploring the ways in which I can integrate design thinking into my work so that I'm better able to support service delivery staff in identifying, measuring, and achieving their outcomes with clients.


Outcomes Lead

Really enjoyed the workshop, everyone had the chance to contribute and it helped build my confidence

Amanda Casselton

Recordkeeping Advisory Officer

The best training I've ever been to - a fresh and energising perspective on solving complex problems.

Erin Buckley

Graduate Project Officer

The Design Jam Workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to provide better experiences to their customers. Possibly the fastest-paced learning I've ever experienced. Working on real problems is the absolute best way to understand how you can apply design thinking at every level.


Web & UX Consultant

We're proud to have worked with some amazing organisations

SōMA helped our team unlock new ways of working.

"The content was awesome and I really felt inspired to take the first step - also Matt was a great facilitator and kept everyone motivated throughout the course - LOVED IT!"-

University Program Lead
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