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Design Thinking for Innovators

Get hands-on with design thinking and harness the power of human-centred design.

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Whats covered in this Skillgym?

Harness the power of human-centred design.

One of the most important emerging skillsets of our time, design thinking is a creative approach to solving problems using a human-centred approach. Leveraged by leading innovators throughout the globe, design thinking is a foundational skill of the modern age for any professional or innovator.

This workshop will arm you with the foundations of design thinking and the knowledge on how to apply it in your organisation, role and life. It focuses on hands-on activities, practical tools and useful case studies to explore the complexity and power under the hood of design thinking.

The bootcamp includes a suite of free tools and resources provided to participants at its conclusion.

🔎 Why is this important?

Design thinking enables innovators and change makers to develop deep empathy for their users, allowing them to uncover real insights that results in meaningful solutions to observed problems. Ultimately, this results in better outcomes for both the customer and the organisation.

🙋🏽 Who is this for?

Design thinking is an important component in any marketers, product managers or customer experience leaders toolkit. This workshop is for anyone interested in learning design thinking using a hands-on approach and how they can utilise the skills in their role.

You’ll take a deep dive into what design thinking looks like, and the skills and tools required to run an end-to-end design thinking process.

By the end of the bootcamp you will have the skills, tools and mindsets to bring Design Thinking into your organisation.

💌 Design thinking fundamentals

Understand the design thinking process, it's origins and explore case studies on how design thinking has impacted organisations world-wide.

✌🏽Discovery, empathy and prototyping

Lean how to harness the power of divergent and convergent thinking to undertake deep discovery and empathy work to uncover solutions that you can rapidly prototype with your customers.

🙋🏽 Applying it in your organisation

Explore leading local and international case studies and how you can embed design thinking as part your teams' way of working.

The runsheet.

🔎 Design thinking history

Understand the core concepts of design thinking, where it came from and where the methodology is heading.

💡 The importance of discovery and empathy

Explore the importance of empathy and structured discovery work for great design thinking through practical strategies that you can bring back to your organisation.

🙆🏽 Putting it in practice

You'll have a chance to get hands-on and put the design thinking process to work whilst working on a real challenge from your organisation.

🚀 Case studies and use cases

Explore how other teams and organisations have embedded design thinking into their processes and organisational routines by exploring leading local and international case studies.

Skills, Tools and Mindsets.

Our learning style is fast-paced, hands-on and immersive. You'll be applying new skills and mindsets as you learn them, and you'll walk away with a bundle of new tools to use in your work.

🏃🏽 Skills

  • Understanding the design thinking process, and how to customise it for the problem at hand.
  • Eliciting empathy with your core users and stakeholders.
  • How to apply design thinking in an organisational context.

🔨 Tools

  • Tools for ensuring your customer needs are top of mind and central to the decision making process.
  • How to to develop rapid, lo-fi prototypes to test core assumptions in your solution.
  • New canvasses and toolkits for you to take back and apply to your role.

🙇🏽 Mindsets

  • Solving for the core customer needs and jobs to be done.
  • Convergent and divergent thinking in solution design.
  • Pace over perfection - rapid iteration, testing and feedback.

Everything was broken down in an easy to understand way, the language used was helpful and insightful without being full of jargon. It's an exciting new idea that was presented with passion which made the workshop more enjoyable. A big thanks for Matt for running a great workshop on Design Thinking! The three-hour workshop covered a lot of information, but was delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure in which it was presented to us was clear, logical and effective. Matt has obviously put a lot of passion, thought and expertise into designing it, and it really showed! But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from interacting with others and learning the unique ways in which everyone who attended can apply design thinking to their individual situations. I'm super excited to have the confidence to implement these new techniques into my new role. I didn’t just learn how to follow the design thinking process but also why it can be such an effective tool in my marketing strategy.

Lauren Quinn

Marketing Coordinator

A truly immersive hands on course with invaluable insights and take home learnings. The coffee's pretty good too!

Derek Jackson

Design Manager

Great workshop to start bringing the innovation ecosystem in our region together

Kynan Bright

Entrepreneurship Facilitator

In the global and competitive landscape of today, listening to our customers will be key if we are to sustain any kind of competitive advantage. The mantra of 'deep empathy' for a customer has me excited. I loved the SOMA half day course and how well it translated this core concept. Through interesting exercises with our faux 'customers' we found ourselves truly in the zone of 'design thinking'.

Melinda Cahill

Customer Journey Crusader

Loved the practical, hands-on workshop and the passion with which Nate shared such an interesting and important topic.

Amelia Purvis

Environmental Psychologist

Research that Rocks is a very valuable session. Research is something we often do, but don't have a discipline or method that we adhere to and one that makes practical sense. Nate broke the steps down and the content was very applicable for any sized business. This kind of research could save many many dollars in a misdirected launch. So if you don't want to squander $10k on a failed product or launch, maybe invest $150 in the next SOMA course :)

Melinda Cahill

Customer Journey Crusader

SOMA events are on the money for my self-learning and complement my work as a consultant. Cheers Nate!

Dylan Lamb


SOMA's design jam workshop was the perfect fit for P&N's newly designed Emerging Leader Program. Nate is great at tailoring information to suit different audiences without compromising on the fun which is often missing in skill based workshops. Design Jam was the ideal balance between theory and practical learning developed in a creative way.

Chareen Raja

OD Specialist

Thank you


Employee Relations Advisor

The Design Thinking half day workshop is a fabulous introduction to design thinking. In just 90 minutes we practised the process. The supporting materials were awesome and the links to further resources were great. I learnt lots and also learnt I know stuff already - didn't realise it was design thinking! Thanks Nate this was a fantastic experience. Ro

Ro Gorell

Consultant, Lean Change/Agile Enterprise Coach

The design thinking workshop was an excellent introduction to Design Thinking. The workshop was engaging, enjoyable and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend it.

Paul Whitfield

R & D Manager

The design thinking workshop was engaging and hands-on. I left feeling inspired and ready to tackle business problems with a renewed focus and energy.

Lauren Brophy

Senior Campaigns Officer

The Design Thinking workshop was fantastic! Nate was very informative and the content was straight forward and easy to understand. Looking forward to the next one!


Projects Officer

The Soma team are very experienced and thorough and explain concepts and steps to design thinking in an easy to understand way.


Emotion Mindset Mentor

Useful and useable content, step by step information in a fun learning environment. No boring or cringe activities here

Lindsay J Walton

Media and Events officer

We're proud to have worked with some amazing organisations

SōMA helped our team unlock new ways of working.

"The content was awesome and I really felt inspired to take the first step - also Matt was a great facilitator and kept everyone motivated throughout the course - LOVED IT!"-

University Program Lead

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