Elevator Pitch

The ice-breaker for smart creatives.

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Hand holding elevator pitch icebreaker cards

Not your usual ice-breaker.

Elevator Pitch is a creative, team-based ice-breaker for workshops and events.

It's Cards Against Humanity meets Shark Tank, perfect for entrepreneurs, innovators and workshop facilitators who are looking to kick their programs off with a bang.

The aim of the game is to come up with an ‘elevator pitch’ for a fictional startup business, based on a black ‘problem’ card, a white 'customer' card and a colourful ‘pitch’ card.

Team members work together to develop their elevator pitch in 180 seconds or less and pitch back their ideas to the laughter and applause of the rest of the group.

Elevator pitch card game being used in workshop

Problem. Customer. Pitch

Every 150 card deck of Elevator Pitch contains 4000+ hilarious, quirky and SFW (safe for work) combinations of problems and customers.

Elevator pitch icebreaker cards

1000+ Innovators love elevator pitch.

An ice-breaker fit for the future of work.

Elevator Pitch was created after years of being subjugated to awkward corporate ice-breaker activities. We developed Elevator Pitch to use at our own events, and quickly got asked the same question over and over again: 'How do I get my hands on some?'

Over 700 innovators have taken part in Elevator Pitch at events ranging from 10 people to 200. Regardless of context, the outcome has always been the same: it's fun, memorable, and most of all sets the event up for success by creating the right creative learning environment.

Elevator pitch card game

More than just the cards.

Each deck of Elevator Pitch is more than just the set of 150 cards. You also receive the tools and training to become a master ice-breaker, including:

Access to online facilitator training

Step by step instructions on how to run an Elevator Pitch ice-breaker and set your event or workshop up for success.

Awesome video examples

Video demonstrations on how to introduce participants to the Elevator Pitch ice-breaker.

Ice-breaker inspiration

Variations on the standard Elevator Pitch approach and how to maximise the impact of your ice-breaker.

Elevator pitch icebreaker cards

Elevator Pitch

The ice-breaker for smart creatives.

Hand holding elevator pitch cards

Unlock new ways of working.

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