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Design Sprints that Deliver

Learn how to create and facilitate a design sprint from start to finish, equipping you with the skills and tools you need to deliver real impact.

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Matt Norman
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Whats covered in this Skillgym?

The art and design of great Design Sprints.

Popularised in the book ‘Sprint’ by Jake Knapp, Design Sprints are a user-centric approach for tackling problems through a structured, collaborative and design-based approach. They're a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more, packaged into a battle-tested process that any team or business can use.

In a design sprint, a core team of innovators sets aside structured time to rapidly work through the entire design process, exploring impactful ideas and testing new solutions to complex problems. Design Sprints can be used for a variety of organizational challenges, from internal process improvements to new product launches, and serve as the backbone for emergent innovation in many leading organisations, from Google to Unilever.

This workshop will guide you through the process of running a design sprint from start to finish, equipping you with the skills and tools you need to lead your team or organisation in implementing the design thinking approach.

🔎 Why is this important?

Design Sprints have fast become an important pillar of many innovation and product development programs. Companies big and small are seeing the power of Design Sprint in combining fast-paced collaboration with a human-centred approach to unlock amazing opportunities and unpack complex challenges.

🙋🏽 Who is this for?

The bootcamp is for designer, leaders, intrapreneurs and business owners looking to explore Design Sprints as a way to creatively tackle critical problems. As we use our own models and tools, even if you have run a Design Sprint before, you will still get something out of the experience.

You’ll take a hands-on approach to explore design sprints, including immersing ourselves in case studies, tools and facilitation activities.

By the end of the bootcamp you will have the right skills, tools and mindsets to run Design Sprints in your organisation.

💌 Design Sprint facilitation

Explore the skills needed to guide your team through the fast-paced, uncertain terrain of a design sprint towards the breakthrough solutions on the other side

✌🏽Adapting for the circumstance

Explore how to scale, expand and contract design sprints, by selecting the right process and tools for the problem at hand.

🙋🏽 Develop your robust Design Sprint toolkit

Develop a robust suite of tools, frameworks, and activities that you can use at each critical point in the design sprint process.

The runsheet.

🔎 Design Sprint foundations

Explore the different iterations of design sprints, the history behind them and how to adapt a Sprint to the problem at hand.

💡 Design a sprint

Learn how to get a design sprint off the ground, from setting the team up from success, to guiding them through the entire process.

🙆🏽 The art of facilitation

Develop the facilitation skills required to manage the complex group dynamics and difficult conversations that can occur during a Sprint.

🚀  The Design Sprint Toolkit.

Explore our unique Rapid Design Sprint Design Toolkit, and how to customise the tools and techniques within to create an impactful design sprint.

Skills, Tools and Mindsets.

Our learning style is fast-paced, hands-on and immersive. You'll be applying new skills and mindsets as you learn them, and you'll walk away with a bundle of new tools to use in your work.

🏃🏽 Skills

  • Designing and customising a design sprint for the problem at the hand.
  • Facilitating diverse groups through a design sprint to achieve the right outcome.
  • Selecting the right approach and tools for your specific challenge.

🔨 Tools

  • A new Rapid Design Sprint toolkit for running impactful design sprints.
  • A suite of new innovation and design tools to use at every stage in their design sprint journey.
  • New tools to introduce into your design sprints to help in rapid prototyping and discovery work.

🙇🏽 Mindsets

  • Encourage creative collision in a design sprint for the best outcomes.
  • Rapid solution development, prototyping and iterative improvement.
  • Providing the space and environment to learn through failure.

A worthwhile experience for someone like me who is new to Innovation. It gave me a great introduction and opportunity to network with like-minded people.

Catherine Muraszko

Innovation Consultant

It's a wonderful tool to be used in bringing more CX values!

Kim Ting

System/Business Analyst

Really enjoyed the design sprint session with great facilitators and approach to workshops. Essential for anybody who has read design sprint to take their design sprints to the next level!

Shane Drumm

Product Owner

The design dash was informative, energetic and motivational. I left wanting to apply the knowledge straight away and share in the fun of the exercises!

Joshua Lay

Mobile User Experience & Software Engineer

Well executed and lots of learning


Scrum Master

What is innovation, really? Solving a problem in a new way. Matt and Nate from SoMA were brilliant at unearthing the capacity to innovate from individuals as well as teams. A guaranteed fun way to break the mold and create your own formula for problem solving.

K Leung

Marketing & Communications Manager

We're proud to have worked with some amazing organisations

SōMA helped our team unlock new ways of working.

"The content was awesome and I really felt inspired to take the first step - also Matt was a great facilitator and kept everyone motivated throughout the course - LOVED IT!"-

University Program Lead
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