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Future of work Report

A Vision for
the Modern Age.

We collaborated with leading local experts to develop an in-depth report on key future of work trends, aiming to answer one overarching question: "what might the future of work look and feel like in Western Australia in 2030?"

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What we learned from working with 3,000 learners

Recently, our innovation and design academy reached a big milestone.We officially turned one! This is what we and our 3,000+ participants in our public workshops, corporate programs, and community lunches have been up to.

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Our Journey

Reflections of stepping off the startup cliff

After years of working with and supporting startups and entrepreneurs, I decided it was time to take the step into the unknown and back myself. This article shares some of my reflections of leaving my safe, corporate job and beginning to work full-time on my startup, Skills of the Modern Age.

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Our Journey

Growing WA’s startup support ecosystem

The saying goes that it takes an entire village to raise a child. I think the same can be said for startups too. From hackathons to accelerator programs, pitch nights to investor networks, our ecosystem is maturing in leaps and bounds due to the hard work and vision of the community behind it.

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Stories from our Design Jam

Design thinking is a crucial skill set that can help us tackle some of the world’s most important problems; that’s why design skills are at the heart of almost all our learning programs. Design Jam uses design thinking to create a real solution for a real social impact problem in just two days!

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How to prototype your career as a social innovator

Becoming a social innovator doesn’t have to require the huge leap we often think it does. Social innovators exist in all kinds of organisations, from governments and big corporations through to small businesses and freelancers.

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Social Impact