From idea to prototype.
ProtoHype is our unique methodology for helping organisations take new innovations from idea stage to prototype.

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Ideas are easy.
Prototyping is tough.

We appreciate how hard it can be to move through the innovation process from concept to prototype. Our team works hand-in-hand with your organisation to rapidly define the problem, build the prototype and iterate to future versions.

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Service Experience Design

Understand the

We work with you to use practical human-centred tactics to ensure we're solving the right problem and designing the right prototype.

Service Experience Design

Build the functional prototype.

From app ideas, to service improvements, our technical team works with you to build a functional version of your prototype.

Service Experience Design

Test, iterate, learn and improve.

Experimentation is key! We work with you to source test users, run experiments and capture the key learnings from your prototype.

Team design thinking workshop

Learning in more ways than one.

Our ProtoHype process sees your team members upskill in new techniques as we go through the prototype journey. Rather than just outsourcing your development, ProtoHype is a learning focused approach that helps you build new capabilities and improve your human-centred design and innovation skills.

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Prototypes in
all shapes and sizes.

From coded solutions to service improvements, no prototype is too big or too small for the ProtoHype process to tackle.

Skills of a modern age

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