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We were invited by the Career Facilitator of the Armadale Industry Training Hub to run a design thinking session with VET careers support teachers across a range of schools in the area. 

Run by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, these hubs aim to improve opportunities for young people in regions with high youth unemployment, targeting Year 11 and 12 students. We worked with a group of teachers on a design process that invited them to empathise with the students, teachers, and parents they worked with, and to develop creative solutions to improve careers outcomes for young people in Armadale.

Teachers discovered a range of challenges, some unique to their schools and some common across the local area. Along with solution ideas such as online resource hubs for teachers, earlier interventions in careers education, and interactive career tasters for students, one of the positive outcomes of the session was our attendees making plans to collaborate across schools on events and programs to support VET careers education.

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