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We’ve always been passionate about innovation in the education space, and we work with many teachers and schools who are pushing the envelope and exploring new ways to help students learn important future skills and set themselves up for success. We kept noticing how well the design thinking process can complement and enrich the work these educators are doing, and it inspired us to develop the Teach by Design program.

We’ve now run five Teach by Design bootcamps with over 100 participants in total, helping both teachers and students to bring design processes into the classroom. We’ve found that teachers are hungry for a shift in mindset from ‘covering the content’ to ‘crafting a powerful learning experience’, and design thinking offers them a new set of tools to do this. For students, design projects offer them a chance to explore their passions and develop crucial enterprise skills at the same time.

As an impact program and a way for us to give back to the community and the education ecosystem, we’ve offered our public Teach by Design bootcamps for free to any teachers who are keen to develop a design-informed practice. We plan to continue supporting teachers and other educators to design great learning across WA and beyond.

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