Strategic Futures with DMIRS

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Innovation Strategy Development

As a key innovation partner of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, we were invited to run a futures thinking and strategy session with a small group of high-level leaders in the Business Innovation directorate. The goal was to give busy leaders a much-needed chance to set aside business as usual and take some time to explore the future of DMIRS.

Split into three groups, the team were led through a series of facilitated activities to explore the future on two different time horizons; 10 years ahead and 5 years ahead. At each time horizon, we explored how the needs and expectations of DMIRS stakeholders might evolve, and the tools, technologies, culture, and capabilities required to continue to meet those needs.

The leaders we worked with used ideation and clustering activities to draw out key patterns and themes from this futures thinking work, identifying a set of four emerging strategic priorities to inform the Business Innovation directorate’s work moving into the future.

At Skills of the Modern Age, we produced a detailed report synthesising the key insights from the session as well as capturing participant outputs, turning a thought-provoking innovation session into a tangible document that can be used to communicate new ideas and directions to executive leaders and to DMIRS staff.

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