Keystart Hack Day 2021



Keystart is a unique home loan provider in the WA market. Their loans are specifically designed to help people get into your home faster by lowering the entry costs. Unlike other lenders, Keystart is a transitional lender, meaning that they encourage their borrowers to refinance with another lender, when they are ready to do so.

In our second collaboration with Keystart, we worked with three teams over two days to tackle three process improvement problems in a hackathon format.

Using human-centred design techniques, such creative ideation, customer discovery interviews, and rapid prototyping, we deeply explored the current state, identified new solutions and implemented real world prototype experiments.

The event culminated in hundreds of hours of savings, and for one process, a reduction in over 500 emails per month.

At the conclusion of the Hack Day, the treams pitched their solutions and progress to the leaderhsip team for approval. In all, the participants walked away:

  • New skills in human-centered design and rapid innovation
  • A series of tested recommendations to implement for the three target processes
  • Empowerment by their leaders to experiment and try new ways of working in their BAU.

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