Horizon Power Design Upskilling

Horizon Power

Capability Building

As the power provider for regional and rural WA, Horizon Power know they have a lot of innovating to do as our state’s energy needs and sources change over the coming years. They engaged us to help them build some of the key digital capabilities their technology team need to support this innovation across the organisation.

Across 2020 we ran four half-day sessions with the Horizon Power technology team, working with over 50 participants in total. Our first set of workshops focused on design thinking, inviting the team to reflect on the empathy tools they could use to better understand the needs of their various internal and external customers and how they can quickly and cheaply test innovative new ideas through robust experiments. The second set focused on service design, guiding the team through the creation of blueprints to capture the service journeys of their customers.

Following these workshops, the technology team are continuing their capability-building and process improvement drive, equipped with a new set of design skills and artifacts they can use to understand their customers and develop effective solutions. As design leaders in the organisation, they’ll be sharing their learning with other teams to ensure proper time and attention is given to customer-centred design processes at Horizon Power.

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