Customer Culture Program

City of Canning

Service Design

Over two workshops, we utilised our unique Customer Culture Methodology to help the City of Canning People & Talent team redefine their recruitment and onboarding journey.

The workshops focusses on learning-by-doing, exploring principles of design thinking and service design to rapidly understand current state, run customer validation activities to get real feedback and map ideas for improvements.

The engagement took a three stage approach:

Stage 1

• Development of the current state journey maps for the target process

• Development of key personas impacted and involved in the process

• Identification of known currentstate pain points and opportunities

• Identification of potential process improvement experiment

• Development of research questionsto be answered in field work

Stage 2 - Field Work

• Participants undertook rapid customer discovery interviews to validate their assumptions and gather real life insights from hiring managers and recent hires.

Stage 3 -

• Review of fieldwork outcomes

• Mapping the ‘utopian’ view of thefuture state journey

• Identifying process experiment tobe run in the real-world

• Agree timeframe and approach forprocess improvement experiments


At the end of the engagements, City of Canning had achieved

• Service blueprints defined for their applicant and hiring manager recruitment journeys

• Over 40+ improvement ideas priortised

• Applicant and stakeholder personas developement

• Agreed quick-wins to implement < 1 month

• An uplift in service & design capabiities they can use for other processes•

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