Building Capability and a Future-focused Culture

Department of Transport

Capability Building

The Department of Transport invited us to work with small teams of emerging leaders they call their Future Ready Squads, to help these squads develop the design and innovation projects they were to deliver with the department. The Future Ready Squads had already identified diversity and inclusion as an area they'd like to focus on, and across a full-day design workshop, we helped them to sharpen their focus on the particular design challenges they'd chosen to tackle.

The squads developed their rapid research, ideation and prototyping skills, as well as crafting scripts for the user interviews that would form the next stage of their projects. Following this workshop, we also delivered a coaching session with the departmental managers guiding the Future Ready Squads through the remainder of their projects.

In this coaching session, we helped managers to understand the key aspects of the design process that had already been covered, and how to craft follow-up sessions to support squads who might be at different stages in their design work. At Skills of the Modern Age, we relish the opportunity to provide this kind of multi-level support, both equipping designers and innovators with the skills and tools they need tackle meaningful problems, and supporting leadership to create the enabling environment for innovation processes to stick.

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