About Me

Cony is a design enthusiast who loves all things digital. She recently graduated from Curtin University and holds a BComm in Marketing and has launched her professional career with SOMA. Cony also does freelancing work predominantly in the IT and resources sectors helping with software, web and application development as well as marketing and branding solutions.

Outside of work, Cony enjoys reading a good book cover-to-cover, watching anime subbed (never dubbed), caring for her plants and drinking a good batch brew coffee.

Blog articles

How to Solve the Right Problem

In 2012, online travel website Expedia solved a problem that had been costing them $100 million a year. How did they do it? The short answer is that they found the right problem to solve.


How to Predict the Future(s)

Futures thinking offers us a process for mapping the landscape of the future, and understanding how we can prepare for and even shape the trends that will affect us going forward.

Future of Work