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Systems Thinking and Circularity

Learn how to understand, map and design solutions for complex systems using concepts from systems thinking and principles of circularity.

Facilitated by
Matt Norman
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Whats covered in this Skillgym?

Our work is never as simple as 'solving a problem'.

Designers and innovators are always dealing with complex systems, from organisations to social issues to change processes. This involves mapping and understanding the systems we work in, and designing strategic interventions to shift the system in the right direction.

This bootcamp will equip you with the skills and tools you need to design and innovate in complex systems and get results.

Is this program for me?

Systems Thinking and Circularity is the right learning experience for you if you're:

📚  An experienced designer who wants to learn more about systems thinking and circularity and embed them in your practice.

🚀  New to the world of innovation and looking to develop systems capabilities to boost your skillset.

🌿  A change manager wanting to understand more about how complex systems change happens.

💡 Feeling stuck in your work on big, complex issues, and looking for new ways to make sustainable progress.

Our learning style is fast-paced, hands-on and immersive. You'll be applying new skills and mindsets throughout the bootcamp, and you'll walk away with a set of new tools to use in your design and innovation work.

What you'll learn:

⚡️ Understanding systems and circularity

We'll cut through the complexity and introduce you to systems thinking and circular design as practical, applicable tools for understanding problems and designing sustainable, long-term solutions.

⚡️ Systems mapping and leverage points

You'll get hands-on experience with a new set of systems mapping tools, enabling you to understand what keeps problems in place and find the leverage points where the least effort can produce the greatest impact.

⚡️ Designing regenerative solutions

You can't 'fix' a system, but you can shift it in the right direction with strategic interventions: we'll explore how circular design can help you to create physically and socially regenerative solutions.

There are currently no reviews for this program. Check out some of our  case studies to learn more about more about the work that we have done.

We're proud to have worked with some amazing organisations

SōMA helped our team unlock new ways of working.

"The content was awesome and I really felt inspired to take the first step - also Matt was a great facilitator and kept everyone motivated throughout the course - LOVED IT!"-

University Program Lead
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